What You Need to Know Before Your Tarot Reading

All I require is a recent photo of you looking at the camera with nothing covering your face.

And the best part?

You don’t need to be online or face-to-face to receive a reading from me!

You will receive your reading via an audio voice note, either through the email address you use to purchase, depending on your preference, along with a photo of the cards drawn for you to listen to and keep at your own leisure.

Readings are always issued within 2 working days of booking! (Unless stated otherwise – weekdays only).
My reading will aim to teach you great things about who you are, how to direct your energy to create your experience, how to rise above fear and obstacles, and how to realise your true self in the face of understanding differently.

Being able to use this beautiful tool is such a blessing so when you receive a reading from me, know that it is done with the highest intentions to give you the highest possible outcomes.

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Note: After you purchase your reading, the confirmation page includes a form for you to submit your photo and additional notes about your reading, such as the question you want to ask, your relationship status or to include details about your dream.