About Danielle

10 Facts About Me

  1. I am an online tarot reader and life coach who found reading cards had such a profound effect on my life I couldn’t keep it to myself. They have impacted how I have been able to show up for myself in life, they have given me clarity on situations I felt stuck on and at a loose end, but also they have helped me gain fresh new awareness that I never would have discovered without them which has been really empowering in my own life and my clients.
  2. When most people are at their best, in my teens and early 20’s I was a lost soul who was extremely ill mentally, emotionally and physically but through lots of diet and lifestyle changes was able to become healthier than I was as a child and reverse all of the conditions I was suffering with.
  3. My new found health had me become so passionate and full of energy I went to Africa to gain my yoga teacher qualification – after becoming a health and fitness coach – and went on to win a gold medal for the worldskills fitness trainer competition back in 2019. I got to help clients all over the world get healthier and fitter and reverse conditions just from their diet and lifestyle changes.
  4. I am a deep thinker and deeply passionate about people. I suffered so bad in my early life that I didn’t want others to have to go through the same level of suffering I did if they didn’t have to.
  5. I have always been able to sense peoples energy from a young age which is probably why tarot reading came so natural to me when I first started reading.
  6. Throughout the lockdown it was my mission to help people maintain good mental health so I started a yoga/fitness/meditation group which was a great way to also stay in shape.
  7. I keep my vibes high through yoga, meditation, eating living foods, and lifting weights so that I can create amazing outcomes for myself and my clients. One of my most frequent feedbacks I’ve received is around how infectious my positive energy is and I am so proud of that considering I used to have severe depression, anxiety and daily panic attacks.
  8. I am a lover not a fighter. Fighting takes too much precious energy and love expands out. Your energy is a highly powerful magnet that attracts more of whatever your giving out, I will take love every.single.time.
  9. I want everyone around me to succeed in whatever their desires and goals are. Don’t come around me unless you are prepared to be hyped up massively – I am your biggest fan always.
  10. I’ve learned that whatever you’re going through in life is temporary and your only ever 1 choice away from a different outcome. If you want help seeing your options, I would love to read for you.