​Here’s what people are saying about their readings

Jam packed with inspiring information

I’m not one to have many readings. I may have had about 15 various types (cards, dice & palm) over the past 7 years – if I felt drawn to have one at holistic events. Having known of Danielle through a friend, FB and a few passing chats; loving her friendliness – I decided to have a reading with her, amazed at all the choices to pick! I’ve had 4 with Danielle the past 18 months. I highly recommend her – so much enthusiasm and kindness in her voice; clear to understand – you can tell when she is smiling in parts – they are jam packed with inspiring information! It’s great having the recording to listen to again and again, it is needed when taking in all that’s said. If you’re contemplating having a card message from Danielle then go for it.

You were spot on

Arrrrrr girl thank you gorgeous you were spot on. Good luck going forward you were very good. I enjoyed it and I’ll recommend you to family and friends.

Resonated really well with me

It resonated really well with me. I have been dressing different and feeling different, it resonated with my alternative feels. I think I know who you’re talking about with the lovers card, again, seems accurate and I hope that it continues. I’m pretty speechless that it resonated with me as well as it did.

Wow wow wow

Wow, wow, wow. You truly are amazing!!! You are so on the ball. I need to let it all sink in. Amazing Danielle.

Wow that’s amazing

Wow!! That’s amazing!! I have been sitting in my comfort zone!! Everything you said made sense!! Thank you!! Feeling a bit overwhelmed, so will listen to it again, but wow!!

Wow wow and wow

Wow, wow and wow. Definitely true about the passion thing, especially when I was younger. Amazing and so long and detailed. All positive too. Thank you Danielle so much.

An amazing job

Have to say Danielle you’ve done an amazing job at reading for me. So much detail. I’ve listened to this 3 times and it’s so spot on for me. I’m really really impressed.

Validated my feelings

I feel really positive after the reading. It all made sense to me. I feel that it validated my feelings. I would recommend you to close friends and I really love the ethos that you are promoting.


Danielle you could not be more right! About all of it. Phenomenal!

It’s so clear to see the amazing connection that Danielle has with her deck

Danielle reads the cards beautifully and was absolutely spot on. I really respect the fact that she doesnt take an abundance of cards. Lots of readers don’t realise how much information we can get from just one card and it’s so clear to see the amazing connection that Danielle has with her deck. Her ability to channel and tap into her intuition is so apprarent in her readings and I will definitely come back to Danielle whenever I need a little support and guidance.