Mini Reading

9 card spread offering detailed insight specific to your needs.

Option 1:

Tells you everything you need to know including past present and future about your:

Row 1: Personal life
Row 2: Love life 
Row 3: Career

Option 2:

Tells you everything you need to know in greater detail on one of the above.

Row 1: Past of your chosen area
Row 2: Present of your chosen area
Row 3: Future of your chosen area

Perfect option if you’d like a lot of insight around only one of the areas above e.g career/personal life/love life.

Special Offer:

Add a oracle card to deepen your special message for just £5 when bought in conjunction with this mini read!

Note: After you purchase your reading, the confirmation page includes a form for you to tell me relevant information, such as your relationship status as well as sending your photo.