Life Audit Form

Life Audit

This Life Audit is going to help you put things into perspective, to help you gain an awareness of where you're currently at in your life. Helping you become more aware of your level of satisfaction in the different areas of your life and guiding you towards your own inner wants and desires!

Understanding where you're at in life, will help you create more of the balance, success, and happiness that you deserve, and have you on your way to living your best life!
Please be as open, honest and as detailed as you can when answering the questions to gain the full benefit of this Life Audit.


Your Life


Your Self Study

Your Potential

User this section to write about your goals and aspirations in the following areas:

  • Family/home life
  • Financially
  • Career
  • Personal character
  • Relationships
  • Leisure time
  • Self care
  • Learning

Danielle is a Tarot Reader, Change Worker and Integrative Life Coach
Danielle coaches the unconscious mind to facilitate rapid change through
science based neuroplasticity tools that have helped her clients access their own inner wisdom and successfully banish:
Self doubt
Panic attacks
Public speaking fears
Sleepless nights
And manifest:
The career of your dreams
You can find her over on:
Self Confidence issues banished in under 30 minutes!
Hannah came to me with low self confidence, wanting to keep her head down and not make eye contact with anyone…
30 minutes later… just look at her!