Dream Reading

Your subconscious communicates with you through your dreams… 💭

Recurring dreams, or dreams that stay with you, are urgently trying to send a message…

And contain the SOUL-UTION to your current predicament…

This 3 card spread, will help you discover:

✅️ What the dream meant
✅️ Why you’re having this dream
✅️ How to overcome the obstacles in your path

You will gain access to:

  • Past – What events or causes are at the roots of your dream.
    This looks at what stories, habits or possible mistakes you may have overlooked that are now coming up to be resolved.
  • Present – your current state of mind and situation. Covers the areas of your life that are related to the dream and the message behind them.
  • Future – the outcome. Guidance and advice on the best path forward for you now

Note: Please upload the details and as much information about your dream as possible e.g if it’s recurring and what exactly happens, to the confirmation page after you’ve purchased your reading.